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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Francelia Butler, 32 books
Barbara Rosen, 8 books
Hunt, Peter, 6 books
Philip Nel, 6 books
John Stephens, 5 books
Velma Bourgeois Richmond, 5 books
Perry Nodelman, 5 books
M. O. Grenby, 4 books
Donna E. Norton, 4 books
Margaret R. Higonnet, 4 books
Kimberley Reynolds, 4 books
Mavis Reimer, 3 books
Julia L. Mickenberg, 3 books
Maria Nikolajeva, 3 books
Lissa Paul, 3 books
Carrie Hintz, 3 books
R. H. Dillard, 3 books
Agnes Perkins, 3 books
David Rudd, 3 books
Knoepflmacher, U. C., 3 books
Veljka Ruzicka Kenfel, 3 books
Clare Bradford, 3 books
Christine Wilkie-Stibbs, 2 books
Hunt, Peter, 2 books
Nancy A. Anderson, 2 books


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