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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Doe Lang, 6 books
Carol R. Strong, 3 books
Ann Ruth Willner, 2 books
Gentile, S., 2 books
Charles Lindholm, 2 books
Anthony J. Alessandra, 2 books
Len Oakes, 2 books
Zeev Weisman, 2 books
Sándor Márai, 2 books
David Gillespie, 2 books
Douglas Madsen, 2 books
Philip Rieff, 1 book
Steve Cohen, 1 book
Leroy Berrier, 1 book
Jacques Mandorla, 1 book
André Dalcourt, 1 book
Wolfgang Lipp, 1 book
Winfried Prost, 1 book
Arthur Schweitzer, 1 book
Laurence Rees, 1 book
Ben Moore, 1 book
Liyakatali Takim, 1 book
Luigino Bruni, 1 book
Tadeusz Biernat, 1 book
Peter Dennis Bathory, 1 book


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