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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rius., 21 books
Rius, 16 books
Javier Covo Torres, 6 books
Rius, 5 books
Rafael Barajas, 3 books
Bill Watterson, 2 books
Quino., 2 books
Maitena, 2 books
David, Ron., 1 book
Allan Mcdonald, 1 book
Ron Cobb, 1 book
Zhizhong Cai, 1 book
Martin Broussalis, 1 book
Mariana Solanet, 1 book
Boris Wiseman, 1 book
Ana Cohan, 1 book
Adelaida de Juan, 1 book
Charles M. Schulz, 1 book
Suzy Becker, 1 book
Luis Gallegos Valdés, 1 book
Luis Martínez Cuitiño, 1 book
Ron Zalme, 1 book
José Santos Nalda, 1 book
María Femat, 1 book
Alejandro Casas, 1 book


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