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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cheng F. Lee, 10 books
John H. Cochrane, 4 books
Wayne E. Ferson, 4 books
John Y. Campbell, 4 books
Bernard Dumas, 3 books
Simon Benninga, 3 books
Darrell Duffie, 3 books
Haim Levy, 3 books
Jonathan A. Parker, 2 books
Steven Roman, 2 books
Harrington, Diana R., 2 books
S. T. Rachev, 2 books
Jonathan Lewellen, 2 books
Chenghu Ma, 2 books
Hersh Shefrin, 2 books
Lubos̆ Pástor, 2 books
Robert J. Hodrick, 2 books
Ali Jahankhani, 2 books
Willi Semmler, 2 books
Paul E. Schulz, 2 books
Tom Berglund, 2 books
Ayaz Ahmed, 1 book
Ingo Barens, 1 book
Taylor, Stephen, 1 book
Karen K. Lewis, 1 book


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