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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Donald Trump, 6 books
Adrian Gostick, 4 books
Chester Elton, 4 books
Keith Harrell, 3 books
Bill Zanker, 3 books
Hattie Hill, 3 books
Erik Weihenmayer, 2 books
James Morgan, 2 books
Paul Stoltz, 2 books
James Lee Witt, 2 books
Donny Deutsch, 1 book
Jon Gordon, 1 book
Les Hewitt, 1 book
Mark Thompson, 1 book
Stewart Emery, 1 book
Judith Briles, 1 book
David McNally, 1 book
Richard M. Steers, 1 book
David Kelley, 1 book
Peter Knobler, 1 book
Michael J. Gelb, 1 book
Roger Gittines, 1 book
Christopher Cunningham, 1 book
Lyman Porter, 1 book
Gregory Bigley, 1 book


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