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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roger Greeno, 9 books
Marshall & Swift, 6 books
G.A. Mitchell, 5 books
A.M. Mitchell, 5 books
Paul Gut, 5 books
Duncan Marshall, 4 books
Sweet's Group, 4 books
Roy Chudley, 4 books
David Langford, 3 books
Richard T. Kreh, 3 books
Derek Worthing, 3 books
IEEE-IAS, 3 books
Anthony Osborne, 3 books
Ready-Mixed Concrete Bureau, 3 books
Heini Muller, 3 books
Mike Riley, 2 books
Kiran Mukerji, 2 books
Tony Booth, 2 books
Werner Sobek, 2 books
Colorado State University, 2 books
P. Martin, 2 books
Virginia Fairweather, 2 books
Fred Hall, 2 books
Mark D. Feirer, 2 books
Cyril M. Harris, 2 books


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