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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claire Lister, 10 books
Noreen Wetton, 10 books
Dorothy Baldwin, 10 books
John Lloyd, 8 books
Ron Morton, 8 books
Parker, Steve., 8 books
Mick Manning, 6 books
Mike Galletly, 6 books
Trefor Williams, 6 books
Brita Granstrom, 5 books
Pete Sanders, 5 books
Adrian King, 4 books
Ruth Thomson, 4 books
Steve Myers, 4 books
MOHR, 4 books
Brenda Pettenuzzo, 3 books
John Quinn, 3 books
Linda Meeks, 3 books
Philip Heit, 3 books
Henry Pluckrose, 3 books
Schreuder, 3 books
Randy M. Page, 3 books
Joy Richardson, 3 books
Alysoun Moon, 3 books
Anne Qualter, 3 books


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