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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bridget M. Cook, 7 books
Pamela Nottingham, 5 books
Geraldine Stott, 5 books
Elsie Luxton, 3 books
Gilian Dye, 3 books
Jennifer Fisher, 3 books
Mary E. Bradford, 2 books
Veronica Sorenson, 2 books
Ann M. Collier, 2 books
Louisa Augusta Tebbs, 2 books
Roz Snowden, 2 books
Ann Collier, 2 books
Doris Southard, 2 books
Edna Sutton, 1 book
Bertha Kemp, 1 book
Raie Clare, 1 book
Susanne Thompson, 1 book
Elizabeth Mincoff, 1 book
Mick Fouriscot, 1 book
Valerie Harris, 1 book
Pat Perryman, 1 book
V. A. Faleeva, 1 book
Hana Kralova, 1 book
Brigita Fuhrmann, 1 book
Johanne Nyrop-Larsen, 1 book


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