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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adam Gussow, 5 books
Samuel Barclay Charters, 5 books
Barry Lee Pearson, 4 books
Alan B. Govenar, 4 books
Michael Bloomfield, 3 books
Frank Surge, 3 books
Peter Guralnick, 3 books
Stephen Calt, 3 books
Charles Shaar Murray, 3 books
Gray, Michael, 2 books
Keith Shadwick, 2 books
Charles K. Wolfe, 2 books
Oliver, Paul, 2 books
Ace Atkins, 2 books
Clarence Major, 2 books
Craig L. Hopkins, 2 books
Andre Dubus III, 2 books
Jas Obrecht, 2 books
Tracie Ratiner, 2 books
S. Summerville, 2 books
Peggy Ehrhart, 2 books
Sebastian Danchin, 2 books
Francis Hofstein, 2 books
Tony Russell, 2 books
Anne Emery, 2 books


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