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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cathy Williams, 16 books
Sharon Kendrick, 15 books
Emma Darcy, 14 books
Lynne Graham, 13 books
Miranda Lee, 11 books
Kim Lawrence, 9 books
Sarah Morgan, 9 books
Abby Green, 9 books
Carole Mortimer, 9 books
Maureen Child, 8 books
Melanie Milburne, 8 books
Jennifer Probst, 8 books
Penny Jordan, 8 books
Meredith Wild, 8 books
Carol Marinelli, 7 books
Vikas Swarup, 7 books
Jennie Lucas, 7 books
Olivia Gates, 6 books
Jules Bennett, 6 books
Chantelle Shaw, 6 books
Lucy Monroe, 6 books
Julia James, 5 books
Michelle Celmer, 5 books
Maggie Cox, 5 books
Nicola Marsh, 5 books


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