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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacki Wadeson, 6 books
Martin Green, 5 books
Leo Palladino, 4 books
Joel Gerson, 4 books
Arlene Alpert, 4 books
Margrit Altenburg, 4 books
Letha Barnes, 4 books
Lisha Barnes, 4 books
Jane Goldsbro, 4 books
Diane Bailey, 4 books
Catherine M. Frangie, 3 books
Ted Allen, 3 books
Louise A. Liddell, 3 books
Carson Kressley, 3 books
Kyan Douglas, 3 books
Thom Filicia, 3 books
Jai Rodriguez, 3 books
Jane Farrell-Beck, 3 books
Shelley Lotz, 3 books
Janet D'Angelo, 3 books
Debbie Beatty, 3 books
Mary Brunetti, 3 books
Jacqui Jefford, 3 books
Anne Swain, 3 books
Josephine Fairley, 3 books


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