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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank W. Jobe, 3 books
Ned McIntosh, 3 books
Steven Krasner, 2 books
Ian Smyth, 2 books
McCarthy, John P., 2 books
Jerry Kasoff, 2 books
Dirk Baker, 2 books
Wendell Kim, 2 books
Tom O'Connell, 2 books
Peter Kreutzer, 1 book
Steven D. Houseworth, 1 book
Charles Einstein, 1 book
Kurt Aschermann, 1 book
Dan Keller, 1 book
Robin Van Auken, 1 book
Thomas W. Hanlon, 1 book
Sharon T. Freeman, 1 book
Sullivan, George, 1 book
Kristin Ward, 1 book
Stewart, John, 1 book
Sally Tippett Rains, 1 book
Randy Voorhees, 1 book
Willie Morris, 1 book
John Monteleone, 1 book
DK Publishing, 1 book


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