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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack D. Ninemeier, 9 books
Cheryl Charming, 7 books
Salvatore Calabrese, 7 books
Ray Foley, 7 books
Paul Knorr, 6 books
Costas Katsigris, 4 books
Alan Axelrod, 4 books
Albert W. A. Schmid, 4 books
Robert Plotkin, 4 books
Dave Broom, 3 books
Lendal Henry Kotschevar, 3 books
Martin Knowlden, 3 books
John J. Poister, 3 books
Jim Meehan, 3 books
Amy Zavatto, 2 books
Thomas Mario, 2 books
Chris Parry, 2 books
Peter E. Van Kleek, 2 books
Jeffrey M. Pogash, 2 books
Mr. Boston, 2 books
Joseph W. Sora, 2 books
Bob Sennett, 2 books
Elmo Strutter, 2 books
Robby Waddell, 2 books
Ryan Jonsson, 2 books


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