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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Man-Kong, 18 books
Rita Balducci, 10 books
Linda Williams Aber, 6 books
Judy Katschke, 4 books
Linda Aber, 3 books
Alison Inches, 3 books
Daniela Burr, 3 books
Daisy Alberto, 2 books
Andrea Posner-Sanchez, 2 books
Bill Gordh, 2 books
Golden Books, 2 books
Rebecca Frazer, 2 books
Diane Muldrow, 2 books
Sue Kassirer, 2 books
Victoria Saxon, 2 books
Mattel, Inc, 2 books
Lynn Offerman, 2 books
Melanie Stewart, 1 book
Nancy Ellison, 1 book
Holly Kowitt, 1 book
Merry North, 1 book
Jill Goldowsky, 1 book
Catherine Saunders, 1 book
Della Foster, 1 book
Claire Jordan, 1 book


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