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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Saunders, 7 books
Marcia Millon Cornett, 6 books
Raymond Lombra, 4 books
Maureen Burton, 4 books
James W. Kolari, 3 books
Richard Schmalensee, 3 books
Benton E. Gup, 3 books
Ritter, Lawrence S., 3 books
J. Kuong, 3 books
Sis, 3 books
Leonard M. Matz, 3 books
Donald R. Fraser, 3 books
Elizabeth West, 2 books
Gregory F. Udell, 2 books
William L. Silber, 2 books
Larry A. Frieder, 2 books
Peter S. Rose, 2 books
Leonard L. Berry, 2 books
Thomas Fitch, 2 books
Goh Chor Boon, 2 books
Tan Teng Lang, 2 books
Keith Bain, 2 books
Gary Alpert, 2 books
Irving Fisher, 2 books
Robert B., Jr. Hedges, 2 books


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