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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steven Halpern, 29 books
Earnie Larsen, 21 books
Ill.) Schola Cantorum St. Peter's in the Loop (Church : Chicago, 18 books
J. Michael Thompson, 18 books
Harold H. Bloomfield, 18 books
Steve Gordon, 14 books
John Gray, 12 books
David Gordon, 12 books
Hazelden Foundation, 11 books
Stuart Wilde, 11 books
Sirah Vettese, 10 books
Edgar Cayce, 9 books
Linda Eyre, 7 books
David Viscott, 7 books
The Monroe Institute, 7 books
Metamusic, 7 books
Jill Kramer, 6 books
Deirdre Griswold, 5 books
Gracie Allen, 5 books
Idries Shah, 5 books
Stephen Levine, 5 books
Eyre, Richard, 5 books
Kim Mitzo Thompson, 5 books
Geoffrey Giuliano, 5 books
George Burns, 5 books


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