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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Byrne, 5 books
Homestar, 5 books
Lenore Paxton, 5 books
Phillip Siadi, 5 books
Worldkids Press, 5 books
Lenore D. Paxton, 5 books
Walt Disney Productions, 3 books
William Wheeler, 2 books
Paul S. Plum, 2 books
Joan E. Plum, 2 books
Jo Anne Nelson, 2 books
Jan Callner, 2 books
John Whitman, 2 books
Eric Velasquez, 1 book
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, 1 book
Jack Prelutsky, 1 book
Moura Budberg, 1 book
Carol Carrick, 1 book
Gary Smalley, 1 book
Liz Curtis Higgs, 1 book
Kraus, 1 book
Pat Hutchins, 1 book
Betty White, 1 book
Sheila McCullagh, 1 book
Cole, 1 book


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