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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John J. Hidore, 6 books
Edward Aguado, 5 books
Egbert Boeker, 4 books
David G. Andrews, 3 books
Neil Wells, 3 books
Daniel S. Wilks, 3 books
R. Kh Zeytounian, 3 books
J. F. R. McIlveen, 3 books
Peter Schwerdtfeger, 2 books
John E. Oliver, 2 books
Rienk van Grondelle, 2 books
Jun Yang, 2 books
V. E. Zuev, 2 books
Wilford Zdunkowski, 2 books
Andreas Bott, 2 books
Knut Stamnes, 2 books
Robert W. Schunk, 2 books
Andrew F. Nagy, 2 books
F. Borghese, 2 books
P. Denti, 2 books
R. Saija, 2 books
Adrian Gordon, 2 books
Warwick Grace, 2 books
Roland Byron-Scott, 2 books
Frank R. Spellman, 2 books


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