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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tracy Chevalier, 6 books
Marina Fiorato, 3 books
Karen Essex, 2 books
Elizabeth Rosner, 2 books
Muriel Segal, 2 books
Pierre La Mure, 2 books
Dina Vierny, 2 books
Harriet Scott Chessman, 2 books
David L. Lindsey, 2 books
Lydia Delectorskaya, 2 books
Pablo Picasso, 2 books
Kiki, 2 books
Evelyne Wilwerth, 2 books
Jan Marsh, 2 books
Andrew Cahner, 2 books
Lucille Turner, 2 books
Martin Postle, 2 books
Fernande Olivier, 2 books
Donald Weeks, 1 book
John Trinian, 1 book
Denise Hooker, 1 book
Marc Tolédano, 1 book
Eline Cremers, 1 book
Suketarō Sawada, 1 book
Eric Gill, 1 book


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