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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Heike Munder, 5 books
Damien Hirst, 5 books
Ludwig Seyfarth, 4 books
Gregor Jansen, 4 books
Okwui Enwezor, 3 books
Samantha Friedman, 3 books
Kerry Oliver-Smith, 3 books
Claudia Schmuckli, 3 books
Peter Pakesch, 3 books
Sally Tallant, 3 books
Ine Gevers, 2 books
Annie Carlano, 2 books
Philippe Parreno, 2 books
Stefanie Kreuzer, 2 books
Yoshitomo Nara, 2 books
Ingrid Schaffner, 2 books
Katy Siegel, 2 books
Kitty Scott, 2 books
Mike Kelley, 2 books
Staci Boris, 2 books
Gregory Volk, 2 books
Anthony Elms, 2 books
Jeffrey Kastner, 2 books
Hou Hanru, 2 books
Johanna Burton, 2 books


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