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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mimi Dietrich, 6 books
Kumiko Sudō, 6 books
Cheryl A. Benner, 6 books
Susan Taylor Propst, 6 books
Becky Goldsmith, 5 books
Elly Sienkiewicz, 5 books
Carol Armstrong, 5 books
Gerry Kimmel, 5 books
Debbie Mumm, 5 books
Tonee White, 4 books
Patricia B. Campbell, 3 books
Nancy J. Martin, 3 books
Patrick Lose, 3 books
Faye Labanaris, 3 books
Mary Mulari, 3 books
Susan Briscoe, 3 books
Jeanne Stauffer, 3 books
Janet Bolton, 3 books
Nancy Brenan Daniel, 3 books
Pat Durbin, 3 books
Gwen Marston, 3 books
Charlotte Patera, 3 books
Katharine Guerrier, 3 books
Jean Wells, 3 books
Cindy Lammon, 3 books


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