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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bobbie Kalman, 5 books
Kathryn Smithyman, 3 books
Heather Levigne, 2 books
Jose Maria Parramon, 2 books
Wendy Clemson, 2 books
David Clemson, 2 books
G. Sales, 1 book
Nancy Field, 1 book
Tony Stead, 1 book
Daniel Handler, 1 book
Jo Brown, 1 book
Sally Machlis, 1 book
Lori Froeb, 1 book
G. Gales, 1 book
Golden Press, 1 book
Mandy Stanley, 1 book
Javier Aramburu, 1 book
Carlos Reviejo, 1 book
Norma Garris, 1 book
Mae Sue Leslie, 1 book
Bobby Bang, 1 book
Laurie Ide, 1 book
Daniel Kanekuni, 1 book
Drue MeMatteis, 1 book
Judy Ballester, 1 book


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