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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ada Limon, 4 books
Miguel Murphy, 2 books
Paul Jenkins, 2 books
James Kavanaugh, 2 books
Marilyn Hacker, 2 books
Lee Rossi, 2 books
Cynthia Cruz, 2 books
Helen H. Gordon, 2 books
Helen Heightsman Gordon, 2 books
Jennifer Joseph, 1 book
Gregory Djanikian, 1 book
A. D. Winans, 1 book
David Bond, 1 book
Marilyn Taylor, 1 book
Flavia Weedn, 1 book
Rudy v. B. Rucker, 1 book
John Sweet, 1 book
Norma Cole, 1 book
Mark Wallace, 1 book
George Mattingly, 1 book
Andrew Duncan, 1 book
Robert McGovern, 1 book
Ann Douglas, 1 book
G. Anzaldua, 1 book
Gil Ott, 1 book


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