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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne M. Todd, 2 books
John Ridley, 2 books
Rose Blue, 2 books
Brian Copeland, 2 books
Caryl Phillips, 2 books
Lisa Pertillar Brevard, 1 book
Darrell Kiedo, 1 book
Ann Gaines, 1 book
William Caper, 1 book
Watkins, Mel, 1 book
Bambi Haggins, 1 book
James Robert Parish, 1 book
Stephen Feinstein, 1 book
Michael-Anne Johns, 1 book
Stacey L. Ford, 1 book
Sandor Katz, 1 book
James Robert Parrish, 1 book
Eddie Tafoya, 1 book
David Alan Grier, 1 book
Paul Mooney, 1 book
Tracy Morgan, 1 book
Kevin Cook, 1 book
Darryl Littleton, 1 book
Dick Gregory, 1 book
Mark Whitaker, 1 book


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