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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mordicai Gerstein, 3 books
Emily Arnold McCully, 2 books
Lyn Gardner, 2 books
Sharon Gosling, 2 books
Francis J. Petrie, 1 book
Philippe Petit, 1 book
Robb White, 1 book
Petit, Philippe, 1 book
Tito Gaona, 1 book
Willa Hix, 1 book
Hilary Robinson, 1 book
Steven Galloway, 1 book
Jean Bertail, 1 book
Schmitt, Richard., 1 book
Morris, Ron., 1 book
Dean Jensen, 1 book
U-sŏng Sim, 1 book
Jill Krementz, 1 book
Sam Keen, 1 book
Sue Alexander, 1 book
Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1 book
Matt Tavares, 1 book
Gisela Winkler, 1 book
Alain Chenevière, 1 book
Gwenda Bond, 1 book


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