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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rita Coulombe, 12 books
Sophie Dudemaine, 2 books
Camille Gagnon, 2 books
Daniel Fredon, 2 books
Theodor Pelster, 2 books
et al, 2 books
Thierry Gontier, 2 books
José-Philippe Pérez, 2 books
Cécile Dubé, 2 books
Marc Scott, 2 books
Jeanne Doucet, 2 books
Dimitri Robert, 2 books
Gerrit Heinemann, 2 books
Thomas H. Cormen, 1 book
James L. McClelland, 1 book
Graham, Robert B., 1 book
Paul Arnaud, 1 book
Tracy Murray, 1 book
Klaus Krickeberg, 1 book
Lucy Lidell, 1 book
Ulrich Blum, 1 book
Philippe Coffre, 1 book
Friedrich Horn, 1 book
John Ravenhill, 1 book
Yvon Gasse, 1 book


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