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MARC Record from Talis

Record ID talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:689857812:917
Source Talis
Download Link /show-records/talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:689857812:917?format=raw

LEADER: 00917cam a2200217 a 4500
001 ea863a59167e47d2984bb877c41f3e41
003 UK-BiTAL
005 20050705124554.0
008 860417s1970    xxka          100 ||eng|d
015    $aGB7022405$2bnb
020    $a0720440653 :
035    $a()0720440653
040    $dLP$dUK-BiTAL
082 04 $a574.8/75$218
111 $aInternational Conference on Biological Membranes$d(1969 :$cVerbania)
245 10 $aPermeability and function of biological membranes :$bproceedings of the 1969 meeting of the International Conference on Biological Membranes; (NATO Advanced Study Institute) /$ceditors Liana Bolis (and others).
260    $aAmsterdam ;$aLondon :$bNorth-Holland Publishing,$c1970.
300    $aix,364p. :$bill. ;$c23 cm.
650  0 $aMembranes (Biology)$vCongresses.
700 $aBolis, Liana.
711 $aNATO Advanced Study Institute on biological membranes$d(1969 :$cVerbania)