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MARC Record from Talis

Record ID talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:2814072730:792
Source Talis
Download Link /show-records/talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:2814072730:792?format=raw

LEADER: 00792nam a22001812a 4500
001 c1d7621ff8bc4a048d9577241c4ab84c
003 UK-BiTAL
005 20050706012530.0
008 750225s1925    xx            000 ||eng|d
035    $a()t3898160
035    $aocm01188530
040    $aUK-BiTAL$cUK-BiTAL$dUK-BiTAL
100 $aErnst-August,$cKing of Hanover,$d1771-1851.
245 00 $aLetters of the King of Hanover to viscount Strangford /$cnow in the possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. Frank Russell; with an historical note by E.M. Cox, and an introd. by Charles Whibley.
260    $aLondon :$bWilliams and Norgate,$c1925.
300    $axxiii, 230 p. :$bports ;$c23 cm.
651  0 $aEurope$xPolitics and government$y1815-1848.
700 $aStrangford, Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe,$c6th viscount,$d1780-1855.