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MARC Record from Talis

Record ID talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:217969440:422
Source Talis
Download Link /show-records/talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:217969440:422?format=raw

LEADER: 00422nam a2200133 a 4500
001 a339999448d7428d979391bab0b6af56
003 UK-BiTAL
005 20050705114402.0
008 870328s1822    xxk     |     000 ||eng|d
035    $a()y7300679
040    $aBR$cBR$dUK-BiTAL
100 $aLukin, Robert.
245 02 $aA treatise on tennis /$cby a member of the tennis club [i.e. Robert Lukin].
260    $aLondon :$bPrinted for Rodwell and Martin,$c1822.