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MARC Record from University of Prince Edward Island

Record ID marc_upei/marc-for-openlibrary-bigset.mrc:79569532:607
Source University of Prince Edward Island
Download Link /show-records/marc_upei/marc-for-openlibrary-bigset.mrc:79569532:607?format=raw

LEADER: 00607cam a2200169 a 4500
008 800730n1948    man           00000 und u
035    $a(Sirsi) AAK-1379
035    $q1119046-9
090    $aPG7158.S4Q8 1948
100 10 $aSienkiewicz, Henryk,$d1846-1916.
245 10 $aQuo vadis ? :$ba narrative of the time of Nero /$cHenryk Sienkiewicz, translated from the Polish by Jeremiah Curtin.
260 $aBoston :$bLittle, Brown,$c1948.
300    $a422 p. ;$c21 cm.
700 10 $aCurtin, Jeremiah,$d1835-1906.
948    $a08/12/1991$b09/12/2001
949    $aPG7158.S4Q8 1948$wLC$mUPEI$zNOITEM
901    $a91356$bSystem$c91356