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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:5417721445:4196
Source University of Toronto
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LEADER: 04196cam 2200229 a 4500
001 UkOxUb15994688
005 20060309170115.0
008 051216s2006    scuac    b    100 0 eng d
020    $a0977126382
111 $aConference on Virginia Woolf$n(15th :$d2005 :$cLewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon)
245 10 $aWoolf and the art of exploration :$bselected papers from the Fifteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon, 9-12 June 2005 /$cedited by Helen Southworth and Elisa Kay Sparks.
260    $aClemson, S.C. :$bClemson University Digital Press,$cc2006.
300    $axiv, 253 p. :$bill. ;$c23 cm.
500    $aStiff white paper wrappers printed in green, blue and black.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 $aIntroduction: Trespassing / Rishona Zimring. Common ground / Helen Southworth and Elisa Kay Sparks -- Exploring keynotes: Godiva still rides: Virginia Woolf, divestiture, and Three guineas / Diane F. Gillespie. Woolf's sense of adventure / Maria DiBattista. Unseasonable youth, or Woolf's alternative modernity / Jed Esty. On French and British freedoms: early Bloomsbury and the brothels of modernism / Christine Froula. Strange necessities / Douglas Mao. Loves, languages, and lives: an exhibit from the library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf / Trevor James Bond -- Exploring Woolf's life: Hyde Park Gate news / Gill Lowe. Autobiographical ruptures: Rhoda's traumatic displacement / Alice D'Amore. Between the acts: Ottoline Morrell and Mrs. Manresa, D.H. Lawrence and Giles Oliver / Sally A. Jacobsen -- Exploring subjects and objects/nature: Short change : economies explored in Woolf's short fiction / Kathryn Simpson. Virginia Woolf and the naturalist novelist / Christina Alt. The fertile potential of Virginia Woolf's environmental ethic / Kelly Sultzbach. Reflections on a solitary potato: the new collective essay and the exploring modern "I" / Katie Macnamara -- Exploring London's spaces: Virginia Woolf and the technologies of exploration: Jacob's room as counter-monument / Robert Reginio. Terra incognita of the soul: Woolf's challenge to the imperialist's concept of space / Karin de Weille. The twentieth part: word and image in Woolf's reading room / Benjamin Harvey. Woolf's exploration of the outer and the inner: a spatial analysis of The years / Elizabeth F. Evans -- Exploring foreign lands: The English tourist in/on America: Leslie Stephens vs. Virginia Woolf / Eleanor McNees. The making of Virginia Woolf's America / Cheryl Mares. Nooks and corners which I enjoy exploring : investigating the relationship between Vita Sackville-West's travel narratives and Woolf's writing / Joyce Kelley. They came to Baghdad : Woolf and Sackville-West's Levant / Joanna Grant -- Exploring art and nature: The decline and fall of Rachel Vinrace : Reading Gibbon in Virginia Woolf's The voyage out / Emily O. Wittman. Hotel narrative and the birth of Virginia Woolf's modernism / Ayako Muneuchi. Discovering the readerly mind : Woolf's modernist reinvention of the national poet / Mollie Godfrey. Extinguishing the lady with the lamp : Florence Nightingale and the work of empire in the interludes of The waves / René Dickinson -- Exploring cultural origins and contexts: Lily the ethnographer: discovering self in To the lighthouse / Meg Albrinck. The photography of Antarctica: Virginia Woolf's letters of discovery / Alexandra Neel. Sartorial adventures: Woolf and the (other-) worldliness of dress / Randi Koppen. A novel is an impression not an argument: Virginia Woolf and James Sully / Akemi Yaguchi. Exploring the confluence of primitive ritual and modern longing in Between the acts / Stephanie Callan.
600 10 $aWoolf, Virginia,$d1882-1941$xCriticism and interpretation$xCongresses.
600 10 $aWoolf, Virginia,$d1882-1941$xInfluence$vCongresses.
700 $aSouthworth, Helen
700 $aSparks, Elisa Kay
949    $aPR6045 .O72 Z5787 2005$wLC$c1$i31761063107569$d17/3/2007$e26/2/2007$f1/3/2000$g2$lSTACKS$mVIC_PRATT$n1$rY$sY$tBOOK$u25/1/2007
949    $aPR6045 .O72 Z5787 2005$wLC$c2$i6058412-2002$lWOOLF$mVIC_PRATT$rN$sY$tBOOK$u25/1/2007