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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:4877489495:626
Source University of Toronto
Download Link /show-records/marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:4877489495:626?format=raw

LEADER: 00626cam 2200133 a 4500
008 810407s1925    enk                 eng d
039    $aRB244654$flf
100 $aShaw, Bernard,$d1856-1950.
245 10 $aCashel Byron's profession /$cby Bernard Shaw ; being no. 4 of the novels on the nonage ; also The Admirable Bashville, and an Essay on modern prizefighting.
260    $aLondon :$bConstable,$c1925.
300    $axxiii, [1], 349, [3] p. (p. [2-3] at end advertisements)
740  0 $aAdmirable Bashville
740  0 $aEssay on modern prizefighting
949    $adel .S534 C375 1925$wASIS$c1$i31761066645516$lRAREBOOKS$mFISHER$rN$sY$tBOOK$u23/6/2005