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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:3493680794:1292
Source University of Toronto
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LEADER: 01292cam 2200241s 4500
008 860219s1839    enk  ef             eng x
090 09 $aF-10 0814$bRBSC$c1
100 10 $aBarry, Charles,$cSir,$d1795-1860.
245 04 $aThe Travellers' Club house.$bIllustrated by drawings$cmade by Mr. Hewitt, and engraved by Mr. J.H. Le Keux. Accompanied by An essay on the present state of architectural study and the revival of the Italian style, by W.H. Leeds.
260 $aLondon,$bJ. Weale,$c1839.
300    $aviii, 35, [3] p. (p. [2-3] at end advertisements)$b10 plates (incl. plans)
490 $aStudies and examples of the modern school of English architecture
590    $aRBSC copy: With the anonymous bookplate and signature of F.W. Cumberland.$5CaOTUTF
610 20 $aTravellers Club
650  0 $aArchitecture$xDesigns and plans.
700 12 $aLeeds, W. H.$q(William Henry),$d1786-1866.$tEssay on modern English architecture
700 11 $aHewitt, J.
700 11 $aLe Keux, John,$d1783-1846.
700 $aCumberland, Frederic William,$d1820-1881$e(bookplate)
700 $aCumberland, Frederic William,$d1820-1881$e(autograph)
710 20 $aTravellers' Club, London, Eng.
948    $a07/15/1992$b05/10/1999
949    $aF-10 00814$wASIS$c1$i34444011588696$lRAREBOOKS$mFISHER$rN$sY$tBOOK$u17/8/1994