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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:3160069460:1145
Source University of Toronto
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LEADER: 01145cam 22001810a 4500
008 840412c19821860quc     b     0001  eng r
020    $a0665353979 (set)
100 10 $aGarneau, F.-X.$q(François-Xavier),$d1809-1866.
245 10 $aHistory of Canada$h[microform] :$bfrom the time of its discovery till the union year (1840-1) /$ctranslated from "L'histoire du Canada" of F.-X. Garneau, Esq. and accompanied with illustrative notes, etc., etc. by Andrew Bell.
260 $aMontreal :$bPrinted and published by J. Lovell,$c1860.
300    $a1 microfiche (3 fr.).
500    $aThe work cited in the author/title information area of this microfiche (no. 35397) is a 3 volume set. The Institute provides this microfiche as a reference to the complete work. For individual microfiches in this set see CIHM microfiche nos. 35398 to 35400.
534    $e3 v. ; 22 cm.
700 10 $aBell, Andrew,$dfl. 1838-1866.
904 $aCIHM/ICMH Microfiche series = CIHM/ICMH collection de microfiches ;$vno. 35397
998    $a 846213362
948    $a10/16/1993$b01/23/1995
949    $aCIHM no. 35397$wLC$c1$i0999900210769$lMICROTEXT$mMEDIA_COMM$rN$sY$tMICROFORM$u21/9/1992