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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:2846041617:614
Source University of Toronto
Download Link /show-records/marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:2846041617:614?format=raw

LEADER: 00614cam 22001690i 4500
008 681128s1966    nyu              1  eng x
046    $aOTSCC$beng
090  8 $aE 58 .B8$bSCC
100 10 $aBrandon, William,$d1914-2002
245 14 $aThe American heritage book of Indians /$c[introduction by John F. Kennedy.
260 $aNew York :$bDell Pub. Co.,$c1966]
300    $a384 p. map. ;$c17 cm.
490 $aA Laurel edition, 0113
650  0 $aIndians
710 $aAmerican heritage
948    $a07/15/1992$b10/16/1999
949    $aE58 .B8 SCC$wLC$c1$i31761025805235$d28/4/2005$e29/3/2005$lSTACKS$mUTSC$n8$q6$rY$sY$tBOOK$u20/10/1993