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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:2571138415:1270
Source University of Toronto
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LEADER: 01270cam 2200241gu 4500
008 881109s1969    nyu                 eng l
020    $a0836201221
046    $aDLC
050 $aLB 2332$bH94 1969
090  8 $aBX 1753 .R531$bSMC
100 10 $aHunt, John F.,$d1928-.
245 14 $aThe responsibility of dissent: the church and academic freedom. $cBy John F. Hunt and Terrence R. Connelly, with Charles E. Curran, Robert E. Hunt and Robert K. Webb.
260 $aNew York :$bSheed and Ward, $c[c1969.]
300    $axvi, 224 p. $c20 cm.
490 $aSearch book
500    $aReport by the legal counsel for the professors subject to the inquiry at Catholic University, including the documentary record of the prepared testimony. The first part of the professors' case is published in a companion volume under the title: Dissent in and for the church; theologians and Humanae vitae.
610 20 $aCatholic University of America.
650  0 $aChurch and education.
650  0 $aTeaching, Freedom of.
700 10 $aConnelly, Terrence R.,
948    $a07/15/1992$b05/30/2001
949    $aBX1753 .R531$wLC$c1$i31761019856640$d22/11/2000$l3RDFLOOR$mSTMICHAELS$n1$q1$rY$sY$tBOOK$u26/8/1992
949    $aLC72 .H96 1969$wLC$c1$i31761068059088$lSTACKS$mREGIS$rY$sY$tBOOK$u31/1/2006