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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:1280458925:1185
Source University of Toronto
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LEADER: 01185cam 2200217 a 4500
008 971007s1992    mdua     b    000 0 eng d
020    $a1881622150
082 04 $a160.71$221
090 $a160.71 .K19TW 1992$bOISE/UT CR
100 $aKatzoff, S.$q(Samuel),$d1909-
245 10 $aTwists and turns and tangles in math and physics :$binstructional material for developing scientific and logical thinking /$cSamuel Katzoff.
260    $a[Baltimore, Md.] :$bJohns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Publications and Resource Service in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,$cc1992.
300    $axxii, 427, [1] p. :$bill. ;$c28 cm.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 427-[428]).
591    $aCR OISE/UT
650  0 $aLogic$xStudy and teaching
650  0 $aLogic$xProblems, exercises, etc.
710 $aJohns Hopkins University.$bCenter for Talented Youth.$bPublications and Resource Center.
710 $aUnited States.$bNational Aeronautics and Space Administration.
948    $a12/08/1997$b10/16/1998
949    $a160.71 K19Tw 1992$wDEWEY$c1$i30005031348157$d16/8/2004$e28/7/2004$lCURRIC_RES$mOISE_UT$n4$q1$rY$sY$tCURRICULUM$u9/12/1997