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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:125597738:426
Source University of Toronto
Download Link /show-records/marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:125597738:426?format=raw

LEADER: 00426cam 2200121K 4500
008 810721s1979    ii                  guj c
090 09 $abrief PKA 0023915$bROBA$c1
100 10 $aThaker, Bharatkumar D.,$d1941-.
245 10 $aŚabdasalila.
260 00 $aMumbaī :$bNavabhārata Sāhitya Mandira,$c1979.
300    $a327 p.
948    $a07/15/1992$b01/03/1993
949    $abrief PKA 0023915$wLC$c1$i39090604110144$lREMOTE$mDOWNSVIEW$rY$sY$tBOOK$u15/8/1994