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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part15.dat:190610199:2591
Source Scriblio
Download Link /show-records/marc_records_scriblio_net/part15.dat:190610199:2591?format=raw

LEADER: 02591cam 2200505 a 4500
001   2005566173
003 DLC
005 20050816114954.0
008 940829s1498    fr            000 0 lat d
010    $a 2005566173
042    $alccopycat
035    $a(NjP)4109462
035    $a(CStRLIN)NJPGV4109462-B
040    $aMH-H$cMH-H$dCStRLIN$dNjP$dDLC$edcrb
041 $alat$hger
050 00 $aPT1509$b.N34 1498b
051    $aPT1509$b.N34 1498b Copy 2$cMeasures 19 cm.
100 $aBrant, Sebastian,$d1458-1521.
240 10 $aNarrenschiff.$lLatin
245 10 $aSalutifera [i.e. Stultifera] nauis :$bnarragonice profectionis nunqua[m] satis laudata Nauis /$cp[er] Sebastianum Grant [i.e. Brant], uernaculo uulgariq[ue] sermone & rhythmo ... ; Atq[ue] iam pridem Per Iacobum Locher cognomento Philomusum, Sueuum, in latinum traducta eloquium, & per Sebastianu[m] Brant, denuo seduloq[ue] reuisa ...
246 $aStultifera nauis
246 $aStultifera navis
246 30 $aSalutifera nauis
246 $aSalvtifera navis
260    $a[Lyon, France] :$bImpressum per iacobum zachoni de romano,$cAnno domini M.CCCC.LXXXViii [i.e. 1498] die xxviii mensis Iunii.
300    $aCLII, [4] leaves (last leaf blank) :$bill. (woodcuts) ;$c21 cm. (4to)
500    $aPrinter and imprint date from colophon.
500    $aReprinted from the de Marnef Paris ed. of 8 Mar. 1498; the error "Grant" for "Brant" on the t.p. results from the similarity of the De Marnef "B" to a "G"; the woodcuts are printed from the same blocks as in De Marnef's edition; the colophon date must be amended by the addition of another "X". Cf. BM 15th cent.
500    $aSignatures: a-t⁸ u⁴.
510 $aGoff$cB-1093
510 $aHain-Copinger$c3752
510 $aGW$c5063
510 $aBM 15th cent.,$cVIII, p. 336 (IA. 42173)
510 $aIllustrated ISTC (CD-ROM, 2nd ed.)$cib01093000
510 $aThacher$c783
500    $a"De corru[m]pto ordine uiuendi pereuntibus. Inuentio noua Sebastiani Brant": leaves CXLII verso-CLII.
500    $a"Epigramma Thome Beccadelli": leaf CLII.
500    $aLC copy imperfect: wanting leaves n7 (leaf CIII), p4 (leaf CXVI), and final blank. Has binder's ink stamp: Schleuning & Adams.$5DLC
655  7 $aIncunabula$zFrance$zLyon$y1498.$2lcsh
700 $aLocher, Jacob,$d1471-1528.
700 $aBeccadelli, Thomas.
700 $aSacon, Jacques,$dca. 1472-1530,$eprinter.
710 $aJohn Boyd Thacher Collection (Library of Congress)$5DLC
710 $aOtto Vollbehr Collection (Library of Congress)$5DLC
752    $aFrance$dLyon.