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LEADER: 02060cam 2200253 4500
001    72083217 //r98
003 DLC
005 19980421153711.0
008 740612s1974    cau      b    00110 eng  
010    $a 72083217 //r98
020    $a0876207042
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
050 00 $aHV7936.P8$bW5
082 00 $a363.2
100 $aWhisenand, Paul M.,$ecomp.
245 10 $aPolice-community relations;$breadings in the development of effective environmental relations$c[compiled by] Paul M. Whisenand, James L. Cline [and] George T. Felkenes.
260    $aPacific Palisades, Calif.,$bGoodyear Pub. Co.$c[1974]
300    $avii, 400 p.$c23 cm.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 $aWilson, J. Q. Dilemmas of police administration.--Garmire, B. I. The police role in an urban society.--Myren, R. A. Decentralization and citizen participation in criminal justice systems.--Marx, G. T. and Archer, D. Citizen involvement in the law enforcement process.--Brown, L. P. Typology: orientation of police-community relations programs.--Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. Task Force report: the police.--National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. The community response.--Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement. The police and their problems.--Brown, L. P. Establishing a police-community relations program.--International City Management Association. Police-community relations.--Olson, B. T. Public preferences for police-community public relations programs.--Becker, H. K. The student and the law.--Ventura County Sheriff's Department. The position of community relations in modern police administration.--Report of findings of the Social Actions Committee.--Gain, C. The state-of-the-art in police.--Bittner, E. Community relations.--National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice Standards/Goals. The police role and developing community resources.
650  0 $aPolice-community relations.
650  0 $aPolice.
700 $aCline, James L.,$ejoint comp.
700 $aFelkenes, George T.,$ejoint author.