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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part02.dat:409800:2291
Source Scriblio
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LEADER: 02291cam 22003251a 4500
001    10028394 
003 DLC
005 20030318173747.0
008 761216s1720    enkdf         000 0 eng  
010    $a 10028394
035    $a(OCoLC)2628743
040    $aDLC$cViW$dViW$dTxU$dKU-S$dDLC$ebdrb
050 00 $aB1255$b.A5 1729
100 $aLocke, John,$d1632-1704.
245 12 $aA collection of several pieces of Mr. John Locke, :$bnever before printed, or not extant in his works. /$cPublish'd by the author of the Life of the ever-memorable Mr. John Hales, &c.
260    $aLondon: :$bPrinted by J. Bettenham for R. Francklin ...,$c1720.
300    $a[36], xxiv, [2], 362, [22] p., [1] leaf of plates :$bchart ;$c20 cm. (8vo)
500    $aThe following variants are known: title vignette with three figures or with an angel blowing a trumpet; leaves E2 and E7 cancelled or intact; and dedication signed P. Des Maizeaux or unsigned.
500    $aThis copy has the three figures vignette; leaves E2 and E7 intact; a signed dedication. Appended are [8] p. of advertisements for William Taylor.$5TxU-Hu
500    $aAdvertisements: [3] p. at end.
500    $a"Errata.": p. [19] at end.
500    $aPage [36] at front blank.
500    $aHead- and tail-pieces; initials.
510 $aESTC$ct117306
505 $aDedication "to Hugh Wrottesley Esquire".--The character of Mr. Locke by Mr. Peter Coste.--The fundamental constitutions of Carolina.--A letter from a person of quality to his friend in the country [on the Test Act, by Shaftesbury].--Remarks upon some of Mr. Norris's books.--Elements of natural philosophy.--Some thoughts concerning reading and study for a gentleman.--Several letters to Anth. Collins Esq; and other persons [i.e. Mr. Oldenburg; the Lady Calverley in Yorkshire; the Reverend Mr. Richard King; **** [i.e. Leonard Twells]].--Rules of a society [of "pacific Christians"] , which met once a week, for their improvement in useful knowledge [founded by Locke in London ca.1688].--Index.--Errata.--Books printed for, and sold by Rich. Francklin.
600 10 $aNorris, John,$d1657-1711.
650  0 $aScience$xEarly works to 1800
650  0 $aBooks and reading$vEarly works to 1800.
650  0 $aTest Act, 1673
700 $aDesmaizeaux, Pierre,$d1673?-1745.