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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part02.dat:16083207:820
Source Scriblio
Download Link /show-records/marc_records_scriblio_net/part02.dat:16083207:820?format=raw

LEADER: 00820nam 22001811 4500
001    12015836 //r872
003 DLC
005 19870130000000.0
008 870129s1910    enkad         00010 eng  
010    $a 12015836 //r872
040    $aDLC/ICU$cICU
050 $aQB65$b.N7
100 10 $aNorton, Arthur P.$q(Arthur Philip)
245 12 $aA star atlas and telescopic handbook (epoch 1920) for students and amateurs,$bcovering the whole star sphere, and showing over 7000 stars, nebulæ, and clusters; with short descriptive lists of objects suitable for small telescopes;$cnotes on planets, star nomenclature, &c, by Arthur P. Norton, B.A.
260 $aLondon,$aEdinburgh,$bGall and Inglis,$c1910.
300    $a1 p.l., 19, [1] p.$bfront., illus., fold. charts.$c29 cm.
500    $aCharts on lining papers.
650  0 $aStars$xAtlases.