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Record ID marc_overdrive/InternetArchiveCrMarc-2010-06-11r.mrc:5633171:2791
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LEADER: 02791nam 2200253Ka 4500
008 000000s2003    nyu     s     000 0 eng d
040    $aTEFOD$cTEFOD
006 m        d        
007 cr cn---------
020    $a9780071425896 (electronic bk. : Adobe Digital Editions)
037    $bOverDrive, Inc.$n
100 $aDutwin, Phyllis $q(Phyllis Dutwin).
245 10 $aTABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Level A$h[electronic resource].
260    $aNew York :$bMcGraw-Hill,$c2003.
500    $aTitle from eBook information screen.
520    $aReady to take the TABE?Learn how to learnWith McGraw-Hill's TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education by your sideCongratulations! You've taken the first step towards improving your life! By enrolling for the TABE tests, you have decided to reach for your next learning and career goals and improve your quality of life, for yourself, or for your family. With TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education: The First Step to Lifelong Success as your guide, you'll discover how to target and master the skills you need to succeed not only on the TABE tests but also in future situations as a lifelong learner.Written by three leaders in adult education, TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education is specifically designed to help you identify your goals, learn more about your unique learning style, and discover which strategies make learning and test taking easier for you. You'll learn basic reading, writing, and math skills through familiar, everyday items, such as work documents, help wanted ads, letters, and telephone messages.Packed with comprehensive and easily accessible instruction, test previews, and study skills material, this helpful guide contains:Charts and tablesPractice exercises with fully explained answersPretests, posttests, and skills analysis chartsReading passages taken from real-life experiencesAnd much more to help you learn how to succeed on tests and in life!Whether you're taking the TABE tests to further your education or your career, or both, TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education will help you realize your goals and your dreams.
533    $aElectronic reproduction.$bNew York :$cMcGraw-Hill,$d2003.$nRequires Adobe Digital Editions (file size: 1899 KB).
538    $aRequires Adobe Digital Editions (file size: 1899 KB).
653 #0 $aNonfiction
653 #0 $aStudy Aids & Workbooks
655  7 $aElectronic books.$2local
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