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MARC Record from Oregon Libraries

Record ID marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/washs02192008.mrc_revrev.mrc:63058583:1247
Source Oregon Libraries
Download Link /show-records/marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/washs02192008.mrc_revrev.mrc:63058583:1247?format=raw

LEADER: 01247nam a22002891a 4500
001 21968290 
008 900706s1988    dcu     b    f000 0 eng d
035    $a(GPO)90017421
040    $aGPO$cGPO$dMvI
049    $aNTEI
074    $a830-H-15 (MF)
086 $aNAS 1.60:2872
100 $aSmith, James Lee.
245 10 $aEffects of variables upon pyrotechnically induced shock response spectra$h[microform] :$bpart II /$cJames Lee Smith.
260 $a[Washington, D.C.] :$bNational Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Division ;$a[Springfield, Va. :$bFor sale by the National Technical Information Service],$c1988.
300    $a1 v.
440  0 $aNASA technical paper ;$v2872.
533    $aMicrofiche.$b[Washington, D.C.? :$cNational Aeronautics and Space Administration],$d1989.$e2 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm.
500    $aDistributed to depository libraries in microfiche.
650  0 $aThermal stresses.
710 $aUnited States.$bNational Aeronautics and Space Administration.$bScientific and Technical Information Division.
907    $a.b11926351$bwo $c-
902    $a071106
998    $b1$c980918$dm$ea$f-$g0
907    $a.b11926351
907    $a.b11926351
945    $lwoxau$aNAS 1.60:2872