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LEADER: 04640cam a2200373Ia 4500
001 75964451
003 OCoLC
005 20071001121502.0
008 061114s2006    wiuac    b    000 0 eng d
020    $a1893591085
020    $a9781893591080
035    $a(OCoLC)75964451
049    $aNTET
090    $aLB2365.R4$bN3 2006
245 00 $a55th yearbook of the National Reading Conference /$cedited by James V. Hoffman ... [et al.] ; with the editorial assistance of Robert T. Jimenez ... [et al.].
246 $aFifty-fifth yearbook of the National Reading Conference.
246 14 $aNational Reading Conference yearbook 55.
260    $aOak Creek, Wis. :$bNational Reading Conference, Inc.,$c2006.
300    $a391 p. :$bill., ports. ;$c24 cm.
440  0 $aYearbook of the National Reading Conference ;$v55th.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00 $tNew literacies, reading research, and the challenges of change: a deictic perspective /$rDonald J. Leu --$tNew literacies, new times: how do we describe and teach the forms of literacy knowledge, skills, and values people need for new times? /$rBrian V. Street --$tWhat does culture have to do with it? /$rVictoria Purcell-Gates --$tCritical participatory action research and the literacy achievement of ethnic minority groups /$rErnest Morrell --$t"So that you'll be good readers": ESL teachers' classroom discourses about reading /$rMegan Madigan Peercy --$tChildren transact with biography: reader response styles of elementary school students /$rMary Starrs Armstrong --$tHigh stakes assessment and writing instruction /$rDiane Barone --$tStudents' experience of dialogic tensions in responding to multicultural literature /$rRichard Beach , Amanda Haertling Thein, Daryl Parks --$tMentoring in the political and cultural world of academia: an exploration of the experiences of literacy educators /$rMark Cobb ... [et al.] --$tProblematizing adolescent literacies: four instances, multiple perspectives /$rMark Dressman ... [et al.] --$tWorking with teachers to change the literacy instruction of Latino students in urban schools /$rGeorgia Earnest García ... [et al.] --$tE-literature and the digital engagement of consciousness /$rRebecca Luce-Kapler ... [et al.] --$tCritical performative literacies: intersections among identities, social imaginations and discourses /$rCarmen L. Medina --$tConnections across literacy and science instruction in early childhood education: interweaving disciplines in pre-service teacher education / Karla J. Möller, Barbara Hug --$tTutoring: a personal and professional space for preservice teachers to learn about literacy instruction /$rDenise N. Morgan, Beverly Timmons, Maria Shaheen --$tPower in cultural modeling: building on the bilingual language practices of immigrant youth in Germany and the United States /$rMarjorie Faulstich Orellana, H. Julia Eksner --$tFrom pre-service to In-service: the evolution of literacy teaching practices and beliefs in novice teachers /$rMichelle Pierce, Francesca Pomerantz --$tUnderstanding the paradoxical relationship between domain specificity of in-service literacy teachers' epistemological beliefs and their instructional practices /$rGaoyin Qian, Liqing Tao --$tConstructs underlying word selection and assessments tasks in the archival research on vocabulary instruction /$rJudith A. Scott, Shira Lubliner, Elfrieda H. Hiebert --$tTeacher scaffolding of first-graders' literary understanding during read alouds of fairytale variants /$rLawrence R. Sipe, Anne E. Brightman --$tScientific literacy and commercial reading programs: an analysis of text and instructional guidance /$rMartha L. Smith ... [et al.] --$t"I want to meet my students where they are!": preservice teachers' visions of culturally responsive literacy instruction /$rJennifer D. Turner --$tRedesigning literacy preservice education at four institutions: a three-year collaborative project /$rMark D. Vagle ... [et al.] --$tFacilitating or limiting? The role of politeness in how students participate in an online classroom discussion /$rMing-Lung Yang ... [et al.].
650  0 $aLiteracy$xResearch$vCongresses.
650  0 $aLiteracy$xStudy and teaching$vCongresses.
650  0 $aMulticultural education$zUnited States$vCongresses.
650  0 $aReading (Higher education)$vPeriodicals.
700 $aHoffman, James V.
710 $aNational Reading Conference (U.S.)
907    $a.b34128761$bwe $c-
902    $a071219
998    $b1$c071001$dm$ea$f-$g0
907    $a.b34128761
945    $lwes $aLB2365.R4$bN3 2006