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MARC Record from Oregon Libraries

Record ID marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/osu_bibs.mrc:1485782632:2712
Source Oregon Libraries
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LEADER: 02712cam a2200433Ia 4500
001 55766066
003 OCoLC
005 20040723181841.0
008 040630s2004    oruab    b   s000 0 eng d
040    $aSDB$cSDB$dOSO$dORE
049    $aOREU
086    $aHEO/F76/2.4R31/4:45$2ordocs
090    $aSD144.O7$bA4531 no.45
090    $aSD144.O7$bA4531 no.45
100 $aCornell, Jennie L.
245 10 $aPractical methodology for operational layout of commercial skyline thinning systems /$cby Jennie L. Cornell, Loren Kellogg.
260    $aCorvallis, Or. :$bOregon State University, Forest Research Laboratory,$c[2004]
300    $a25 p. :$bill., maps ;$c28 cm.
490 $aResearch contribution / Oregon State University, Forest Research Laboratory ;$v45.
500    $a"June 2004."
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 25).
530    $aAlso available on the World Wide Web.
520 $aOn-the-ground harvest unit layout, especially in skyline-thinning operations, is critical to meeting multiple resource objectives of the land manager and maintaining the economic viability of the timber harvesting operator. This phase of an operation can optimize the layout and harvesting of a sale or unit. Detailed layout by a knowledgeable professional can help to identify areas in the sale or unit that may be operationally or economically unfeasible to thin. This publication is an overview of practical methodology aspects for the layout of skyline thinning operations. The information presented is drawn largely from the personal experiences of the authors, the individuals cited, and publications from research at Oregon State University. The publication provides a general outline of the components of the overall planning process that results in the implementation of skyline thinning operations on the ground.
650  0 $aLogging, Skyline$xPlanning.
650  0 $aLogging, Skyline$xMethodology.
650  0 $aForest thinning$xPlanning.
650  0 $aForest thinning$xMethodology.
700 $aKellogg, L. D.$q(Loren D.)
710 $aOregon State University.$bForest Research Laboratory.
830  0 $aResearch contribution (Oregon State University. Forest Research Laboratory) ;$v45.
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907    $a.b23362133$bmulti$c-
902    $a080213
998    $b1$c040723$dm$ea$f-$g0
945    $lngen $e1
945    $lvge $aSD144.O7$bA4531$d120142510466$e1$uno.41-47
945    $lvge $aSD144.O7$bA4531$d120141870598$e2$uno.45
945    $lhgeg $aSD144.O7$bA4531$d120141870580$e3$uno.45