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MARC Record from Oregon Libraries

Record ID marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/osu_bibs.mrc:1076110197:2245
Source Oregon Libraries
Download Link /show-records/marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/osu_bibs.mrc:1076110197:2245?format=raw

LEADER: 02245nam a2200361 a 4500
001 aas99026087
003 OR
007 heubmb---bbca
008 811112r1773    riu     b     000 0 eng d
035    $a11020381
040    $aMWA$cMWA$ebdrb
049    $aOREF
090    $aZ1203$b.E31 no. 12784
090    $aZ1203$b.E31 no. 12784
100 $aGavin, Antonio,$dfl. 1726.
245 12 $aA master-key to popery:$h[microform] :$bin five parts. Part I. Containing a discovery of the most secret practices of the secular and regular Romish priests in their auricular confession. Part II. A true copy of the Pope's yearly bull of indulgencies and pardon of sins, to all those that serve in the war against the enemies of the Romish religion. The explanation of the bull, with some remarks upon it. Part III. An account of their masses, privileg'd altars, transubstantiation, and purgatory, and of the means the priests make use of to delude the people. Part. IV. Of the inquisitors, and their practices in several instances. Part V. Of their prayers, adoration of images, and relicks, &c. /$cBy D. Antonio Gavin, ; born and educated in Spain, some years secular priest in the Church of Rome, and since 1715, minister of the Church of England.
250    $aThe third edition, carefully corrected.
260    $a[Newport, R.I.] :$bLondon, printed: Newport, Rhode-Island: reprinted and sold by Solomon Southwick, in Queen-Street,,$c1773.
300    $axiii, [1], 15-300 p. ;$c22 cm. (8vo)
533    $aMicrofiche.$b[New York :$cReadex Microprint,$d1985]$e11 x 15 cm.$f(Early American imprints. First series ; no. 12784).
500    $aDedicated to her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales.
500    $aSignatures: [A]⁴ B-D⁸ E-2L⁴ 2M².
510 $aEvans$c12784.
510 $aAlden, J.E. Rhode Island,$c513.
610 20 $aCatholic Church$xControversial literature$xProtestant authors.
700 $aCaroline,$cQueen, consort of George II, King of Great Britain,$d1683-1737.
752    $aUnited States$bRhode Island$dNewport.
830  0 $aEarly American imprints.$n1st series ;$vno. 12784.
907    $a.b19286673$bvmi $c-
902    $a040817
998    $b1$c981001$dm$ea$f-$g2
999    $a19970915155647.0
945    $lvminf$e1