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MARC Record from Oregon Libraries

Record ID marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/lewisandclarkbibsrev.mrc:225679027:1512
Source Oregon Libraries
Download Link /show-records/marc_oregon_summit_records/catalog_files/lewisandclarkbibsrev.mrc:225679027:1512?format=raw

LEADER: 01512nam a2200313 a 4500
001 aas99029882
007 heuamb---baca
008 820211s1795    mau     b     00011 eng d
035    $a.b12323640$blaw $c-
040    $aMWA$cMWA$ebdrb
099    $aEvans 28758
100 10 $aGoldsmith, Oliver,$d1730?-1774.
245 14 $aThe vicar of Wakefield.$h[microform] :$bA tale. /$cSupposed to be written by himself. ; [One line of Latin text] ; In two volumes. Volume first[-second]
260 $aPrinted at Worcester, Massachusetts, :$bby Isaiah Thomas. Sold at his bookstore, in Worcester; by said Thomas and Andrews, in Boston; by said Thomas and Waldo; in Brookfield; and by said Thomas and Carlisle, in Walpole, Newhampshire.,$c1795.
300    $aiv, [1], 6-267, [1] p. ;$c17 cm. (12mo)
500    $aVol. 2 ([139]-267, [1] p.) has separate title page.
500    $a"Advertisement," p. iii-iv, signed by Oliver Goldsmith.
500    $aSignatures: A-Y⁶ Z² (Z2 verso blank)
510 $aEvans$c28758.
533    $aMicrofiche.$b[New York :$cReadex Microprint,$d1985]$e11 x 15 cm.$f(Early American imprints. First series ; no. 28758)
752    $aUnited States$bMassachusetts$dWorcester.
752    $aUnited States$bMassachusetts$dBoston.
752    $aUnited States$bMassachusetts$dBrookfield.
752    $aUnited States$bNew Hampshire$dWalpole.
830  0 $aEarly American imprints.$nFirst series ;$vno. 28758.
902    $a050204
999    $b1$c951224$dm$ea$f-$g4
994    $alaw
945    $llavf