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MARC Record from Miami University of Ohio

Record ID marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0196.out:8468829:1447
Source Miami University of Ohio
Download Link /show-records/marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0196.out:8468829:1447?format=raw

LEADER: 01447nam 22002771a 4500
001 cis2004062729
007 cr un mmmapmmp
008 070102s1880    dcu     s    f000 0 eng d
040    $aLexisNexis$cLexisNexis
099    $aLexisNexis Serial Set Number 1935 H.rp.528
110 $aUnited States.$bCongress.$bHouse
245 10 $aMary P. Thompson.$h[electronic resource]
246 $aInvalid pensions, Thompson, Mary P
260    $aWashington :$b[s.n.],$c1880
300    $a1 p. :$bdigital, PDF file
490 $aH.rp.528
500    $aRecord is based on bibliographic data in LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection (last viewed Jan. 2007). Reuse except for individual research requires license from LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions
510 $aLexisNexis U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection
533    $aElectronic resource.$b[Bethesda, Md.]:$cLexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions,$d2004.$f(LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection : no. 1935 H.rp.528)
610 10 $aUnited States.$bCongress$vPrivate bills
650  0 $aBills, Private$zUnited States
651  0 $aUnited States$xClaims
710 $aUnited States.$bCongress.$bHouse.$bCommittee on Invalid Pensions
856 40 $u$yElectronic resource (PDF)
907    $a.b35487975$b07-10-07$c05-31-07
998    $aonl$b05-31-07$cm$d@$ez$feng$gdcu$h0$i0