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MARC Record from Miami University of Ohio

Record ID marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0128.out:6210961:1437
Source Miami University of Ohio
Download Link /show-records/marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0128.out:6210961:1437?format=raw

LEADER: 01437nam 22002771 4500
001 ocm10102364cis
005 20000121040827.0
007 he amb024baca
008 920811r19711908ctu     b    f  0 0 eng d
040    $aCongressional Information Service$cCongressional Information Service
049    $aMIAJ
099  1 $aCIS Hrgs MF Gp 1--S10-6
110 $aUnited States.$bCongress.$bSenate.$bCommittee on Immigration
245 10 $aHearing Before the Immigration Commission in Relation to Section 42 of the Immigration Act$h[microform] :$bhearings before the United States Senate Committee on Immigration, Sixtieth Congress, first session, on Jan. 18, 1908
260    $aWashington :$bU.S. G.P.O.,$c1908
300    $a36 p
500    $aRecord is based on bibliographic data in CIS US Congressional Committee Hearings Index. Reuse except for individual research requires license from Congressional Information Service, Inc
510 $aIndexed in CIS US Congressional Committee Hearings Index Part I
533    $aMicrofiche.$b[Westport, Conn.] :$cGreenwood Press,$d1971.$e11 x 15 cm
650  0 $aEmigration and immigration law$zUnited States
650  0 $aShips$xSafety measures
651  0 $aUnited States$xEmigration and immigration
907    $a.b2738164x$b02-04-00$c02-04-00
998    $adoc$b02-04-00$cm$da$ez$feng$gctu$h0$i1
910    $acis10102364
945    $g1$j0$ldocfc$o-$p$0.00$q $r $sf$t21$u0$v0$w0$x0$y.i35503452$z02-04-00